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Our Home

    We invite you into our home in the hopes that you feel comfort as though you have entered the home of a trusted friend.

Arrangement Room

Arrangement Room Arrangement Room

Visitation Room

Visitation Room Visitation Room

Visitation Room Visitation Room


    The Chapel-In-The-Pines was added to the main building in 1961. It was built large enough to accommodate most services; surrounded by huge towering White Pine trees that gave the whole property it's unique character.

Lightning Strike

    Over the years most of the old pine trees that gave the chapel its name eventually fell or had to be removed for safety. As of 2005, there are only two original pines still standing in the front yard since a lightning storm in June 2005 took one of the last three.

Final Two

    Sadly, one of the final two pines on the property had to be removed for safety in May, 2012.


    The Chapel is equipped with a piano, an organ and a sound system available for service music. The chapel was built to carry voices throughout the seating area. As a vocalist, Clyde Jackson made sure the acoustics would be adequate.

    We also recently added a video projector to display photos and home movies to share and remember your loved one.